Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photos

Posted by Admin on Thursday, 2 June 2011

Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photo

make many people curious and want to the know the truth about that photos.What are kind of Anthony Weiner Twitter photos that made a thousands of people follow his twitter account? Here is Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photo.

Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photos
Yup the photo just show a man's bulging underpants.Anthony Weiner when confirmed, said that hacker was take over his twitter account and make a jocke.

The image above was immediately deleted, before Gennette Nicole Cordova of Seattle could even view it. After being called everything from "Anthony Weiner's 21-year-old coed mistress" to the person responsible for the hack, and after her friends and family were also allegedly harassed, Cordova said: "All of this is so outlandish that I don't know whether to be pissed off or amused, quite frankly."

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