Facebook Dislike Button Scam - Beware

Posted by Admin on Monday, 16 May 2011

Facebook Dislike Button Scam - According to security watch by PC Mag, a new scam is spreading quickly on facebook, beware the Facebook Dislike Button Scam. This issue exposed by the Great Graham Cluley of Spohos. New Facebook Dislike Button scam can replaced the standard share option with their enable dislike button link. Cluley Said,
Facebook Dislike Button Scam - Beware

user will be persuaded of genuineness of the link becouse it appears in standard option list at bottom of the message and he has a point.

When you click Facebook Dislike Button,the link not online share it with all your friend, but runs an abfuscated javascript, opening the potential for even more trouble.

The new metode of the same dislike scam is showing the message with Javascipts code that need to copy and paste into the address bar, by passing just about any security measure possible.

So you need to be carefull for now by using facebook disklike button. knowing if that button like i said upstair.

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